Cape Gannet Technologies (Pty) Ltd was established to research, develop and manufacture a sustainable and environmentally-conscious coating system that would enhance structural durability and lower energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The Company aims to develop new products and systems or to supply developed products in the field.


Our mission is to provide service excellence to our business partners and in addition, to add value through a comprehensive understanding of required end-to-end solutions. We will provide cost effective solutions and services amongst others that:


Maximizes business productivity

Reduces risk associated with deploying new technologies

Assesses the total cost of ownership

Implements technically challenging infrastructure


Innovation and productivity are two key attributes for success and development.

Cape Gannet Technologies is totally committed to developing a dynamic and unique culture within a rapidly changing  environment.



Cape Gannet Technology’s core focus is the introduction of new technology solutions relating to customers coating requirements. The creation of group technology platforms and the intimate understanding of the changing environment, have en-sured the implementation of leading  technologies. The enhancement of these technologies through people power and on-going review of the market will always ensure a leading edge.

The research always results in the selection of best of breed products as well as partnering to ensure the maximization of the benefits.

Customers are our partners and on-going relationships through the use of dedicated specialists ensure the proactive conclusion of our vision.



Understanding the clients business needs, implementing the correct technologies, and proactively maintaining and streamlining these technologies.


  • Systems integration and superior project management skills, i.e. managing the correct Resources, which are required for customers needs, on time and within budget.


  • Providing a stable, secure and optimal Information Technology foundation upon which customers can build their businesses.


  • Partnering and proactively maintaining those infrastructures.


Applying the tools for Knowledge Management. Enabling technologies that facilitate the right information made available when needed. 


The structure of our skills enables a full range of technical resources for the clients’ needs, as well as a growth path and resource base for the development of all engineers.

We have access to a national staff of qualified engineers/chemists to support our clients various needs and concerns.

By adhering to international standards and keeping abreast of emerging technologies, Cape Gannet Technologies endeavours to certify their staff in product sets dictated by international trends.



Comprehensive outsourcing is fast becoming a powerful management tool for redefining and increasing the productivity of an organisation. It is now recognised as a fundamental differentiator for business expense management while simultaneously allowing access to expensive high level skills as and when required.