Short List of Products:


—        Ebonite101 penatrator                    - Binding Agents

—        Ebonite101 paint textures              - Paints available in different sheens and textures                            

—        Ebonite101 seal                               - Sealer for roofs, ponds and damp Problems

—        Ebonite101 screed                          - Floor Paints: interior, exterior and textured

—        Ebonite101 thatch                           - Fire retardant and dust sealer

—        Ebonite101 guard                            - Varnishes: Concrete, steel and wood

—        Ebonite101 steel seal                     - Rust treatment

—        Ebonite101 road                              - Road-Marking Paint

—        Ebonite101 concrete                       - Concrete-curing coating

—        Ebonite101 liquid rubber               - Rubberizing

—        Ebonite101 marine                          - Marine Paint (above water line)

—        Ebonite101 insolate                        - Insulating coating

  •    Ebonite 101 guard                          - Electro-Guard



Specific needs can be addressed and systems developed for these needs


—        All the above Systems are tested in laboratories, in-house and in the field before it is released.



Colour Range:


All oxides and colourants used in Cape Gannet Technologies products are lead- and heavy-metal free, UV stable and colourfast.

More than 24 000 colours are available and any other specific needs are addressed and developed. An important factor is that colours will not fade, yellow, blanch or whiten, due to the stability of the product. The “Zero VOC” component is one factor that creates this characteristic.

Oxides are mostly used because of their colourfastness but carousel / tinted colours are also available.

Coating Solutions:

  • Durability and Proven Results.
  • Environmental Sustainability Qualities.
  • Short- and Long-Term Savings.
  • Case Studies.



Durability and Proven Performance:

Internationally Acclaimed Laboratory Results:

  • PRA – Paint Research Association (UK)
  • CETEC – Consulting Enterprises in Technology (AUS)
  • CSIR (RSA)
  • University of New South Wales (AUS)
  • University of Pretoria (RSA)
  • SABS (RSA)
  • Thales (RSA)
  • ISO
  • Antarctica